Candidate for rector of the UMSA suffers physical assault after closing the campaign

Candidate for rector of the UMSA suffers physical assault after closing the campaign

Candidate for rector of the UMSA suffers physical assault after closing the campaign

April 20, 2024, 9:56 PM

April 20, 2024, 9:56 PM

Oscar Herediawho seeks to be re-elected as rector of the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (UMSA) of La Paz, He reported this Saturday that he was attacked by two men after his campaign close on Friday night.

In a telephone contact with EL DEBER, Heredia said who stayed until the end of his campaign closing in the UMSA atrium because he had to “deliver clean” that space that had been lent to him for the aforementioned event.

Afterwards “I went with an agronomist colleague and a young man walking and analyzing the situation. We went to a kiosk on the corner to eat a sandwich, two people arrived and got in line. We continued talking, (they) stood face to face (…) and suddenly, from one moment to the next, one turned around, it was a man with a mask and cap, and I couldn’t identify the other, and he started to harass me. shout, He told me dirty words, he told me I had ruined the university”, he recounted.

“I got scared, I put my arms at the height of my head, (…) I went back and one of them He started hitting me, (first) rubbing me on the shoulder, then on the ear and cheekbone, then he started running and blood came out (from my nose).”, he continued with his story.

He specified that This event occurred, approximately, at 00:30 this Saturday and that throughout the early morning he tried to make his complaint to the Police, but that he went through a series of obstacles due to bureaucracy.

Complaint to the Police

Heredia said that, initially, he went to report the incident to an EPI in the area (Comprehensive Police Station), but that there was no one, so he had to call several times to the telephone numbers that were there.

He was finally attended to after the calls, then he was referred to the Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc) and from there to Forensic Research Institute (IDIF).

But “At IDIF they did not assist me because I was missing a photocopy of my ID. of identity to make the complaint. This morning we went again (and now the complaint) is written in the book, but It had been a complete bureaucracy, how can they not receive a complaint (more easily)?”, he questioned.

The candidate considers that he suffered “an attack of intimidation” because next April 23 will participate in the second electoral round of the elections in the Umsa.

However, “in a university like ours this should not happen, but it happened and we are worried. I was a candidate about four times, this had never happened to me, now it happened because I think there are other interests (…) and So I feel afraid, but also firm to move forward.“(although) logically now I will have to hang out with more colleagues and students to avoid any further aggression,” he said.

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