Sarratea case: Oversight Commission summons Aníbal Torres for Wednesday, May 4

Sarratea case: Oversight Commission summons Aníbal Torres for Wednesday, May 4

The Congress Oversight Commission summoned the president of the Council of Ministers,to testify as a witness in the framework of the investigation into the alleged clandestine meetings held by President Pedro Castillo in the house located in Jirón Sarratea, in the district of Breña.

The document sent to the chief of staff indicates that the summons to Torres Vásquez is scheduled for Wednesday, May 4 at 9 in the morning.

Previously, the head of this working group, Héctor Ventura (Popular Force), had announced that Torres would be summoned to clarify the statements of Karelim López, who stated that he had tried to convince Bruno Pacheco not to reveal information that could compromise to President Pedro Castillo in exchange for protection by the Government. In this regard, Aníbal Torres has denied that this version is true.

Statements by Karelim López

During his participation in the Oversight Commission, Karelim López stated that the meeting that Aníbal Torres had with Bruno Pacheco took place in a department of San Borja.

Intimidation of the premier, because the premier wanted him to leave the country [Bruno Pacheco]I accompanied him to that meeting. Minister Walter Ayala was also part of the meeting, at that time (Torres) was Minister of Justice, obviously he earned the bonuses to be premier because they silenced Pacheco “said.


The president of the commission, Héctor Ventura, maintained that Aníbal Torres should be called to testify after the revelations of Karelim López. In addition, he knows how the law of suitability for public officials works. Also, Somos Perú on ‘plan B’ announced by Vladimir Cerrón: “They intend to cut off democracy in Peru”. And, Russian bombing in kyiv during the visit of the UN Secretary General.

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