selective justice

selective justice

Notorious judicial cases of corruption fall on deaf ears again in the matter of investigation of prosecutors.

Unfortunately, the prosecutor’s office has played a leading role in favor of impunity and not in favor of punishing the corrupt who have felt very safe, backed by politics so that they would never be touched.

The arm of justice, which is a stump in our organic structure as a Republic, never reaches what it should.

The case of the former Governor of Guaira and Senator Friedman is an exemplary issue of the same; He was accused with evidence, with testimonies, with facts that should have meant a harsh sanction for a Governor who did not use well the resources for which they were intended in principle. Now the prosecutor Alcaraz says -again- that this has nothing to do with it and that she dismisses the charges.

And if we look at other records and we see that the same prosecutor has also been functional to the political protagonists of corruption cases.

A prosecutor’s office subjected to politics, to the will of a political leader -as in the case of Cartes- does a great deal of damage to our democracy and plunges the judicial system as a whole into disrepute. What we are observing is an accelerated, permanent and blatant decline of justice in our country.

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