Santos Quispe against the wall: Prosecutor's Office prepares accusation after finding beer in his office

Santos Quispe against the wall: Prosecutor’s Office prepares accusation after finding beer in his office

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The governor of La Paz Santos Quispe is against the wall after the scandal about the alleged consumption of alcoholic beverages in his office. The Prosecutor’s Office is preparing a formal accusation against him for this fact while the departmental authority remains in police cells.

“The formal indictment resolution is going to be issued since he (Santos Quispe) has been taken as an apprehended person and it is up to the jurisdictional authority to decide whether to keep him in this capacity or with some type of precautionary measure. ”, reported the prosecutor Omar Mejillones.

The prosecutor stressed that the background of the fact on which the formal accusation against Quispe will be based is still being analyzed and clarified that the crime of improper use of state assets would be one of the figures that can stop his preventive detention.

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“The crime of improper use of goods and services has a sentence of one to four years and, consequently, it would not correspond, because it would be within the causes of inadmissibility of preventive detention, but it is very hasty to be able to syndicate how it will be elaborated. the resolution of formal imputation”, he remarked.

In his short statement to the press, Quispe blamed the “right” for mounting the case and “implanting” the black bags with the beer cans, something that the complainants, legislators Israel Alanoca and María Esther Góngora, have ruled out.

Mejillones also indicated that the Governor did not want to take the breathalyzer test. His lawyer Raúl Ferreira argued that there was no need for that because Quispe was “more sober than you and me.”

The first authority of the La Paz department continues as apprehended in police cells.

This Wednesday afternoon a vigil was set up near the Special Force to Fight Crime (FELCC) to provide support.

The legislators of Somos Pueblo who uncovered the case are preparing a conference and promise revelations about more similar cases.

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