Rómulo Calvo dismissed from the Oil Fund of Health

Rómulo Calvo dismissed from the Oil Fund of Health

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The Caja Petrolera de Salud (CPS) dismissed this Friday Rómulo Calvo, who served as general surgeon in that insurance. The decision was made under the argument that Calvo allegedly would not have appeared at his work source in the 2020 and 2021 procedures.

According to a report by Correo del Sur, the memorandum of his dismissal from the institution arrived yesterday, despite the fact that Calvo pointed out that he did show up to work in those years, but that the information was deleted.

In November of the last administration, the Caja Petrolera began a process of dismissal of Calvo, but indicated that it could challenge the decision. However, this Friday the same institution confirmed the departure of the president of the Civic Committee for Santa Cruz.

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In that month, the Minister of Health, Jeyson Auza, said that Calvo must answer for receiving a salary without, presumably, having presented himself to work at the Oil Fund.

“In January he worked seven days, in February six, in March five, in April, May, June and July there are no records that he has worked, in August he worked eight days, in September he worked five, in October, November and December he does not record his work. assistance, there is no work done and the salary has arrived every month, the 24,000 bolivianos,” Auza said at the time.

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