Club World Cup: Al Ahly beats Monterrey and faces Palmeiras in the semi

Club World Cup: Al Ahly beats Monterrey and faces Palmeiras in the semi

Al Ahly will be Palmeiras’ opponent in the Club World Cup semifinal. Even without six starters, who defend the Egyptian national team in the African Cup of Nations, the team showed tactical organization, good technique, a lot of support from the crowd and overcame the favorite Monterrey (Mexico) with a 1-0 victory at Al Nahyan Stadium, in Abu Dhabi. The Egyptian team showed that they can give Alviverde work in the duel next Tuesday (8), at 1:30 pm (Brasília time), in the same stadium.Club World Cup: Al Ahly beats Monterrey and faces Palmeiras in the semi

The game

Despite Monterrey having more possession of the ball from the referee’s initial whistle and even greater shooting power, the first great chance to score came from Al Ahly. On the counterattack, Maâlou advanced on the left and crossed in the measure for Taher, on the penalty spot, to finish in the hands of goalkeeper Andrada. The Mexican team continued to press and risk shots from outside the area, without much success. At 30 minutes, there were 10 shots against two of the Egyptian team.

In the 37th minute, Al Ahly wasted another opportunity face to face with the goalkeeper. El Shanat received a pass alone in front of Andrada. Shirt 14 took a long time to kick, ended up getting tangled up and didn’t follow through with the bid.

In the second half, Al Ahly did not forgive. At 7 minutes, Maâlou once again went up the left and crossed in the area. Andrada came out badly and rebounded. The ball was left for Hany to kick first, hard, in the middle of the goal, and make the first of the match.

Monterrey almost equalized in the next minute. Gonzalez kicked, the ball deflected in the defense and left for Meza to head, but the goalkeeper Ali Lotfi made a great save and played for a corner. Despite the Mexican team going to attack after leaving behind the marker, Al Ahly managed to hold on to the defense and still created plays to expand, but the duel ended up at 1-0.

Al Ahly and Palmeiras faced each other at the 2020 Club World Cup, in the dispute for third place. Better for the Egyptian team, who won on penalties 3-2 after a 0-0 draw with the ball rolling.

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