“I have to work on something”, the 'Alligator Man' now sells backpacks at traffic lights and they want to help him

“I have to work on something”, the ‘Alligator Man’ now sells backpacks at traffic lights and they want to help him

Álvaro Lemmon, ‘The Alligator Man’.

Businessman Christian Daes sent a message to the comedian.

Colombia News.

‘The Alligator Man’ It is a trend in social networks because of a video where he is seen at a traffic light on one of the streets of Santa Marta, selling backpacks.

Lemmon, renowned humorist who passed through ‘Happy Saturdays’, He has expressed on several occasions that after his departure from the Canal Caracol humor program, he has had some economic needs.

Today, apparently due to the apparent bad economic situation he is experiencing, he has had to resort to the informal venat.

An influencer from the city of the capital of Magdalena could not believe that such a famous person was selling backpacks on the street, although no job is dishonorable.

Lemmon even tells the young man that he hadn’t had breakfast and he invited him.

The 75-year-old comedian posted a photo of this video with the following message: “I went from fame to selling backpacks.”

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After the viralization of the video, the businessman from Barranquilla Christian Daes offered to financially help the man born in Plato, Magdalena.

Through his social networks, the CEO of Tecnoglas sent a message to the former humorist from ‘Happy Saturdays’.

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«The Cayman Man who communicates with Cristina Posada in our Tecnoglass Foundation. Cristina Posada a glory can never end without the love she deserves »

Cover photo: @elhombrecaiman

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