River-Defense, suspended for the suicide of a fan at the Monumental!

River-Defense, suspended for the suicide of a fan at the Monumental!

while the pointer River and the difficult Defense and Justice began to try to untie the knot of the game, a millionaire fan jumped from the Sívori Alta grandstand, he jumped headlong towards Baja and, after falling 15 meters, upon hitting the ground, he died immediately. After a while, the meeting was suspended. The first hypothesis that is handled is that it was a suicide.

As soon as the episode happened at the Monumental stadium, the millionaire fans who were near the body of the deceased fan began to wave their hands and chant “Pára el partido la p… que te p…”. Medical services took a minute and a half to arrive at the scene. But it was already late.

“The fan died from a very serious head injury. He fell from 15 meters and hit his head on the ground. He was between 30 and 40 years old. He still could not be identified,” confirmed Dr. Alberto Crescenti, Director of the Emergency Medical Care System of the City of Buenos Aires.

On the field of play, the ball spun for a few more minutes, until the security message came through clearly and the referee Fernando Rapallini the match was suspended. They were 27 minutes into the first half.

Later, the judge of the match said: “I heard the fans shouting to stop the game. I stopped it and when they confirmed that the fan had died, I suspended it. I have no more to say.”

According to River sources, the images from the stadium cameras are more than eloquent. There was no contact with any other fans. There was no fight. no one pushed him. The fan stopped at the edge of the stands and jumped into the void.

Now it will be the turn of the police investigations to determine the reasons for death and find out if there were traces of alcohol and/or drugs in the blood. River’s responsibilities will also be defined. Meanwhile, the industry Monumental where the episode happened was shut down.

There was a statement prepared jointly by River and by the Football Safety Committee in which it was confirmed that the supporter “He jumped into the void and died on the spot.” In addition, he specified: “The Sivori Alta grandstand, where the deceased person had his subscription, was at 90% of its capacity. At the time of the fall there was no intervention by third parties. It was also verified that there was no situation of violence in the stands or around it. After 30 minutes, the stadium was completely evacuated.”

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