Details about the assassination of the Cuban doctor in Havana come to light

Havana Cuba. Paul Corralesthe Cuban doctor found dead this Friday, after be disappeared for four days, “boating” with his motorcycle in the emblematic Plaza de Marianao, according to motorcyclists consulted by CubaNo.et.

He used to boat here in the plaza to earn a few extra pesos, like all Cubans do. His motorcycle was a Suzuki 115 brand that, although it was not very good, his parts have great value on the black market, ”said one of the motorists consulted on condition of anonymity. bliss plaza.

According to he claimedit was the “boteo” colleagues themselves who notified their mother that the doctor had been found dead and that heeither they had finished off with a bladed weapon. Apparently the cause of the event was to steal the motorcycleeither, that up to the time of writing this note there was no appeared.

We were the ones who took his mother to Legal Medicine last night to examine the body, although she couldn’t do it because her face was disfigured. No.or they said if it was due to decomposition or blows” pointed out another interviewee, who also assured that each motorist donated two hundred pesos to the mother of the deceased for the funeral expenses.

The interviewees highlighted that the doctor was a quiet, calm and very cautious with respect to the clients it transported.

“ANDHe chose the clients, he was a very suspicious person in that sense. Pprecisely because he feared assaults and after the six in the afternoon I did not give one more race” specified another of the motorists who provide taxi service in the Plaza de Marianao.

Likewise, the interviewee recounts, the second day after her mother disappeared, she was in the vicinity of the Plaza, asking for her son who never stopped going to see her for a single day, according to what the woman confessed to them. “At that point we all started thinking the worst.”

In the same way, the interviewees assured that after the news many of the motorcyclists have stopped boating.

People are afraid because obviously things are not easy for us and danger is chasing us,” confessed another carrier consulted.

According to the interviewees, the doctor was found dead by a man who was cutting grass between the Technological University of Havana “José Antonio Echeverría”, Cujae, and Boyeros avenue. The corpse was finally identified through his driver’s license and motorcycle circulation document.

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