1-2: Sergio Canales' Rayados comes back against Inter Miami with Messi as a witness in the stands

1-2: Sergio Canales’ Rayados comes back against Inter Miami with Messi as a witness in the stands

1-2: Sergio Canales' Rayados comes back against Inter Miami with Messi as a witness in the stands

The Rayados de Monterrey of Sergio Canales They won this Wednesday by 1-2 in Miami still Inter that he could not count, one more night, with a Leo Messi injured, which he suffered from his box while the Mexicans overcame the locals’ initial goal in the first leg of this quarterfinal key of the Concacaf Champions Cup.

Tomas Aviles He opened the can when he was having the worst time. Inter Miamiwhich did not have messand but yes with Luis Suárez, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba in the starting eleven.

But Rayados managed to overcome and improved in the second half, materializing with goals the numerical superiority after the expulsion of David Ruiz.

Fernando Ortiz’s team counts its five matches of the tournament by victories and will try to close the pass to the semifinals next week in Mexican territory.

Miami, from less to more

The first shot on goal came quickly. Just three minutes of play and the Mexican Brandon Vazquez found the ball only to turn and threaten Drake Callender that prevented the goal.

From the 15th minute onwards the locals took control and slowed down the pace of play. The opportunities were also theirs. One of the clearest came with an action on the right by Julian Gresselalmost without angle, looking for the Vaseline on a Esteban Andrada who cleared the corner kick.

Gressel himself took the corner, from low, quite simple for a visiting defense that, on the other hand, allowed the team to finish almost at will. Aviles. The Argentine took advantage of Rayados’ disorder and first surpassed Andrada to overtake Inter Miami in the 18th minute.

At minute 35, Robert Taylor retired due to muscle problems and made way for young Leo Alfonso, just one day after signing his contract with the pink team.

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A few minutes after entering he was the protagonist of a three-against against that, together with Suarez and Alba He didn’t finish with the ball in the net.

The Rayados had to resort to fixed tactics to threaten again Callenderbut Inter continued attacking on the counterattack, having two more chances with Suárez and the narrow lead closed the first half.

Rayados reacts

The restart meant an improvement for the Rayados, but what most allowed them to regain control was playing with numerical superiority for the final 25 minutes plus stoppage time.

Ruíz, who already had yellow cardboard, slapped Meza without the ball in play with the referee right in front of him. The Honduran referee was forced to expel his compatriot and the plans to Martino for the second half they changed drastically.

Only three minutes later the Rayados tied in a terrible error of Busquets in defending a corner kick. The ex-blaugrana headed against his own goal, forcing him to take it out and lose his balance. Callender. The rejection favored Meza, who only had to push it as he pleased.

With the tie at one, the game became heated and Sunrise he could see his second yellow. There the referee thought twice and allowed the locals to continue with ten men.

Inter ended the night locked in their area, forced to give minutes to players like Suarez and looking to survive to reach the second leg with some guarantee.

Far from gaining an advantage, they found themselves with the second Mexican goal.

Gómez gave away a ball in a start and allowed Jorge ‘Corcho’ Rodríguez facing and hanging it at an angle in the 89th minute and making Callender’s tremendous stretch useless.

For the Mexican team, Rodríguez and Sebastián Vegas will not be available for the second leg next week due to accumulation of warnings. Inter Miami will not be able to count on Ruíz and will try to recover Messi to look for a comeback.

Match sheet:

1. InterMiami: Callender; Weigandt, Avilés, Freire, Alba; Ruíz, Busquets, Gómez; Gressel, Suárez and Taylor (Afonso, m. 37, replaced by Sailor, m.67).

2. Striped: Andrada; Aguirre, Guzmán, Moreno (Vegas, m.46), Arteaga; Romo (Cortizo, m.57), Rodríguez; Meza, Canales, Gallardo (Berterame, m.57); Vázquez (Corona, d. 85).

Goals: 1-0, Avilés (m.18). 1-1, Meza (m.69). 1-2, Rodríguez (m.89)

Referee: Walter López (Honduras). He showed yellow to Gómez (m.33), Ruíz (m.42), Alba (m.61) and Busquets (m.76) for the locals and to Gallardo (m.45), Rodríguez (m.83) and Vegas (m. m.90). He also sent off Ruíz for a double yellow (m.65).

Incidents: First leg of the quarterfinals of the Concacaf Champions Cup, played at the Chase Stadium in Fort Lauderdale (Florida, USA) in front of around 18,000 spectators

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