Refrigerators lowered $ 8 per kg the half carcass for butcher shops

The refrigerators that operate with the internal market resolved in the last hours a reduction of $ 8 in the kg of the half carcass that they sell in the butcher shops. According to the secretary of the Union of Meat Vendors, Heber Falero, the price drop on all bone-in cuts It will be transferred to the public between Saturday and Monday in the different butcher shops in the country, channel 5 reported.

According to the latest data released by INAC, in the week ending May 14the kg of the average steer beef was $251.7, while in the case of the cow it was $241.5, a maximum so far this year.

Falero recalled that The decree that granted exemption from VAT on roast is no longer in force and that for two months the price of that cut was frozen at $230 for the public. The Roast price can now be obtained in butcher shops in a range of $250 to $300 per kg.

According to the last meeting of the Association of Livestock Consignees (ACG), the average price of the steer fell 7 cents compared to the previous week, to US$ 5.43 per kilo carcass. In turn, the average price of fat cows fell 8 cents, to US$5.16 per kg for meat, as well as that of heifers, which remained at US$5.27.

Meanwhile, the wholesale dollar fell 0.2% this Friday, to $39.81, and accumulates a drop of 2.5% against the Uruguayan peso so far in May and 11% in the year.

In recent weeks, the Uruguayan refrigeration industry has seen with some concern the performance of the Chinese market, its main destination, due to the sanitary measures that the authorities are taking to contain the covid outbreaks that have been registered in different cities of the Asian giant, something which has made it difficult to carry out export business.

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