Ocupan 51 equipos de sonido y 59 bocinas en un operativo en Barahona

They occupy 51 sound systems and 59 speakers in an operation in Barahona

BARAHONA.- The Specialized Attorney for the Defense of the Environment and Natural Resources (Proedemaren) seized 51 sound equipment, 59 loudspeakers, 22 controllers and 25 high-frequency loudspeakers, known as “twitter”, during an operation against noise pollution carried out in the Barahona province.

The authorities of the Public Ministry also seized five vehicles whose owners used them in clear violation of Laws 287-04 and 90-19 on the Prevention, Suppression and Limitation of Noxious and Annoying Noises that Produce Sound Pollution.

During the execution of the operation, the acting prosecutors toured the towns and sectors of Los Palmaritos, El Peñón, Cabral, El Cachón, La Ciénaga, Polo, La Playita, among others.

In those places, establishments selling alcoholic beverages intervened, such as colmados, colmadones, terraces and nightclubs.

The operation was headed by magistrates Rudy Alberto Pérez Medrano, Esteban Sánchez, Juan Carlos Dotel Giuliani and Héctor Peralta, under the guidance of Francisco Contreras, head of the Proedemaren.

In addition, they were accompanied by agents from the Anti-Noise Department of the National Police, headed by Colonel Tomás García Lebrón, and by the person in charge of Operations of the Vice Ministry of Peaceful Coexistence, of the Ministry of the Interior and Police, Ángel García.

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