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Recognizes Popular with the best Investment Banking in the country

Banking team that leads the Vice Presidency of the International, Institutional and Investment Area at Banco Popular Dominicano.

Banco Popular Dominicano was recognized by the financial magazine Global Finance as the best investment bank in the Dominican Republic, for the fourth time.

The American magazine highlights the strength in this branch of the banking business dedicated to managing large investment projects, both private and public, with a special long-term vocation.

Global Finance has awarded this award to Banco Popular in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022 and, in its recent editorial note, underlines the importance of investment banking in the process of economic recovery from COVID-19, emphasizing highlights how important it is to have banking entities that are experts in this type of large-scale operations.

In this sense, the publication points out that the winners of the Best Investment Bank award meet criteria of excellence in categories such as market share, amount and number of operations carried out, services and advice, structuring capacity, innovation, price, reputation and performance, among other things.

Popular, leader in 2021

Popular’s investment banking had a special performance during 2021, with milestones such as the structuring and issuance of the first green bond in the Dominican Republic, under the figure of a public offering trust that manages the assets of the Larimar I solar park.

Similarly, Popular supports the main renewable energy parks in the country, which together generate 378 MW, through financing operations and as a guarantee agent, currently amounting to US$157.2 million.

Also noteworthy is the prize awarded by the financial magazine LatinFinance, which recognized as “Financing of the Year for an Infrastructure in the Caribbean” the syndicated bank loan for an amount of US$180 million, granted to the company Energía Natural Dominicana (ENADOM), operation in which Popular participated 50% as one of the two structuring banks and financiers of the project.

As a whole, in 2021, Popular carried out 15 financial operations linked to investment banking, through financing and issuances in the stock market that amounted to a total amount of more than USD$500 million, highlighting its role as structuring and financier in the tourism, energy and infrastructure, industry, mass consumption and food and real estate sectors, mainly.

With qualified experts and the aim to help

In this regard, Edward Baldera, Vice President of the International, Institutional and Investment Area of ​​Popular, indicated that “our objective is to help and advise companies and institutions to expand their business plans and achieve greater and better objectives, through the alternatives most advanced that the financial services market offers us, efficiently and professionally, with a team of qualified experts”.

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