Another Nicaraguan migrant dies in the United States, the causes of his death are unknown

Another Nicaraguan migrant dies in the United States, the causes of his death are unknown

The organization Texas Nicaraguan Community (TNC) reported the death of the young man Maycol Eliud Orozco Martínez39 years old, a Nicaraguan migrant who lived in Miami, Florida, United States.

On Monday morning, April 22, Orozco’s cousin went to wake him up because they had to go to work; However, he found the Nicaraguan lying in bed, lifeless, according to TNC, through a publication on its official website. Facebook.

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Orozco was originally from the San Francisco Libre municipality, in Managua, and had emigrated to United States territory for a year and a half. Since then, he “had never had any medical problems.”

Until now, the young man’s body was taken to the morgue by the local police and is awaiting a forensic report to determine the causes of his death. “His family states that he did not have any illness and that he was a hard-working and very responsible man,” the organization added.

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TNC indicated that Orozco’s death left his sister and cousin who lived with him in a “state of shock.” If you would like to make a contribution or help for the family members, you can do so through Zelleat number 9045361696, belonging to the sister of the deceased migrant.

As a result of the sociopolitical crisis facing the country, many Nicaraguans decide to move to other countries in search of better jobs for their families, despite the risks and dangers of illegal migration. As of February of this year, some 25 Nicaraguan migrants have died on the way between the United States and Mexico. Last year, 148 died, mostly from traffic accidents, violent crimes or suicides.

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