Puente Tarata case: Judge ordered appearance with restrictions against Karelim López

Puente Tarata case: Judge ordered appearance with restrictions against Karelim López

Judge Manuel Chuyo today issued an appearance with restrictions against the lobbyist and another four investigated for the irregular adjudication of the Tarata bridge, located in the San Martín region.

Chuyo imposed several rules of conduct on López: a ban on going to the Provías headquarters, not communicating with witnesses and those under investigation, and appearing before the judicial authority every month.

The request was made by the anti-corruption prosecutor Karla Zecenarro, who is in charge of the investigation. López Arredondo also welcomed the effective collaboration with the money laundering prosecutor Luz Taquire.

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According to Zecenarro’s hypothesis, the businesswoman intervened in the concession process of the project -convened by Provías- so that the consortium made up of the company Termirex, of the Pasapera family, won the tender. The work would require more than S / 232 million investment.

The rest of the people on whom a similar measure weighs are Héctor Pasapera López, Marco Pasapera Adrianzén, Víctor San Miguel and Alcides Villafuerte. The latter was a Provías official.

For this same case, against two nephews of President Pedro Castillo (Gian Marco Castillo Gómez and Fray Vásquez Castillo) and his former secretary Bruno Pacheco, who are accused of directing works contracts called by the Ministry of Transportation. All three are fugitives.


Fernando Silva after the FIU report on the purchase of premises from Peru Libre

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