Senators Approve Eliminating Fuel Quotas

Senators Approve Eliminating Fuel Quotas

The Chamber of Senators approved the bill that “prohibits the allocation of fuel to the authorities and officials of the three powers of the State, the governorates and the municipalities.” Javier Zacarias Irún and Martín Arévalo, both senators from the ANR, were the promoters of the project.

Zacarías Irún explained that this initiative seeks equity between the general public and some authorities in terms of fuel purchases.
“We do not want more privileges to exist that unnerve the citizenry, where some administrative authorities have fuel quotas that are not precisely to carry out a specific and legal task,” he said.

Then, he stressed that seeking equality and justice is within the reach of the Legislative Power, in the sense of correcting and correcting errors so that citizens feel calm.

“With this proposal, the State would save some US$45 million a year. Fuel vouchers go as a bonus. We want there to be a fair and equitable distribution. This topic has already given a lot to talk about, mainly due to the rise in fuel”, he commented.
This excepts the Ministries of Education, Health, Interior. Also to the vehicles of the institutions that fulfill their constitutional functions.

Martín Arévalo, national senator for the ANR (chartist), pointed out that with this there is an important saving of resources.

“The Senate more than two years ago has shown that it is possible to stop having these quotas. It annoyed me that the press and citizens continue to accuse us of having health insurance and vouchers, things that are not true,” he said.

Some modifications were introduced by adding decentralized entities to the proposal and suggestions in article 2, at the motion of Senator Sergio Godoy.

The legislator reaffirmed that the senators do not have the fuel quota since October 2020. He proposed that, in no case, the planned exceptions be applied to the transfer of the authorities of the Three Powers of the State.
“With this we close a window that could be foreseen to violate the project,” he commented.

The document is sent to the Chamber of Deputies for analysis and consideration.

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