In Guachupita, motoconcho stops must pay 1,500 pesos a week to avoid aggression

Guachupita gangs charge for protection and transit

The criminal gangs that operate in Guachupita and surrounding areas and that have faced the Police with bullets, have extended their actions to the motoconchistas, who denounced that to work in peace the stops must pay a fee of 1,500 pesos a week and the merchants even thousand pesos for supposed “protection”.

El Nacional obtained the testimonies of victims who, although they refused to reveal their names for fear of reprisals, affirmed that when someone fails to comply with the assignment they are robbed and shot, in many cases they even lose their lives.

“We have to work for them because there are many of them, they are armed and very violent, unfortunately what we are are working people, so we are not going to confront these criminals,” they indicated.

Motoconcho stalls must pay 1,500 pesos a week to avoid aggression

Some of the criminals were identified with the nicknames “Bombo”, “Bajaimama”, “Enrique”, “Randy”, “Santiago” and “Johan”, who have spread terror in the eyes of the authorities.

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“That little group headed by Bombo, has us in distress… we can’t work in peace because they rob us and much worse, if one puts up resistance they shoot you and they take your engine anyway,” said one of the victims.

They also criticized that police would allow the members of the dangerous gang of criminals to have become so strong and have such confidence that “we can no longer go out on the street because they rob us.”

“The Police have been permissive because it is not possible for a small group of boys to have five neighborhoods under siege, which is where they live, and for the Police not to have been able to apprehend them or finish them off,” they stated.

“Hey, here in Guachupita, Los Guandules, La Ciénaga, Mejoramiento Social and María Auxiliadora, they mobilize at all hours, robbing and killing serious people and the Police come and make a bundle and everything stays there,” said a complainant.

The police commanders of the C2 department were described as “lazy” and these “are others who put it on motorists in China when they seize an imprisoned motor, but the criminals walk around as if they had not done anything.”

President Luis Abinader was asked to intervene so that the police officers stop the criminals, who are a “little group” of young people who have five sectors of the National District on edge and keep its residents terrified.


The Police deployed an operation in Guachupita and surrounding areas, to locate and arrest the members of the gang involved in several homicides.

The institution’s spokesman, Colonel Diego Pesqueira, reported that due to the aggression against the Police, those nicknamed “Bombo”, “Bajaimama”, “Enrique”, “Randy”, “Santiago” and “Johan” are persecuted, who are heavily armed. .

After the shooting, units of Criminal Investigations and moles track down the aforementioned who have so far managed to evade the siege.

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Pesqueira announced that with the integration of five patrol units, preventive work will be reinforced throughout the area. These units are added to those already existing throughout that jurisdiction.

During the operations, members of the Police detained several people for investigation purposes because they presented a suspicious profile.

“The high levels of security and the tranquility of all residents will continue to be guaranteed by the Police in that and in the other sectors of the National District, Greater Santo Domingo and the entire country,” Pesqueira said.

The police spokesman assured that on the instructions of the director general, Major General Eduardo Alberto Then, the preventive work in that neighborhood was reinforced, after indicating that work will continue tirelessly to guarantee citizen security.

“As part of the actions, Major General Alberto Then appointed Colonel Luis Peña Peña as the new commander of Department C2 of the Regional Directorate of the National District, replacing Colonel José Miguel Medina,” he reported.

He also reported that the police director, through the regional director of the National District, General Rufino Contreras, integrated five patrol units to increase preventive and security work.


The gang of criminals headed by the nicknamed “Bombo” has not only challenged the police authority with bullets, but has hinted that the search against him has been a failure.

Given the ineffectiveness of the intelligence personnel to solve the case, dozens of families have abandoned their homes and gone to live in places where criminal acts are less frequent.

“We do not know why President Luis Abinader has the director of the Police, Major General Eduardo Alberto Then, directing that institution, because the truth is that the position has been too great for him,” is the conclusion that the police have had to reach. residents of Guachupita.


In the five neighborhoods where the criminals run by “Bombo” operate, after 6:00 in the afternoon people don’t even dare to go to the grocery store because they rob them and if they don’t go into the house to rob them, they run the risk of that they kill you, residents of Guachupita confirmed to El Nacional.

In a video posted on social networks, it can be seen how last Thursday a group of armed criminals firing shots escaped the police fence in the populous sector and while they fled down F. Street, they stripped a motoconchista of his motorcycle and other belongings.

arrests continue

The Police say that today they continue with the operations and that they have arrested several people in order to obtain information that will allow them to capture the members of the dangerous gang led by the nicknamed “Bombo”. However, the residents of Guachupita insist that the police officers have no will to get out of these “rats.”

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