They accuse that President Pedro Castillo and the first lady would have plagiarized 54% of his master's thesis

Prosecutor’s Office summons the first lady for this Friday for statements by Karelim López

The money laundering prosecutor Luz Taquire scheduled for this Friday, May 13, at 10:00 am, the first lady’s statement to collect his version on irregularities in the thesis that he presented together with the president to achieve a master’s degree, and that was mentioned by the effective collaborator in a March 10 statement.

Sources from Peru21 reported that this citation occurs after the César Vallejo University (UCV) delivered to the prosecutor Taquire the academic work entitled “Gender equity and significant learning in the area of ​​social personnel in the students of the fourth cycle of the institution educational N 10465 Puña – Tacabamba – Chota “, and that according to a report by Panorama would have 54% of its content plagiarized.

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