For Nicanor, surveys are not yet very relevant

Nicanor Duarte Frutos, Paraguayan director of the Yacyretá binational entity (EBY), affirmed that there is no division in the ruling party. This, after the declarations of Mario Abdo Benítez, president of the Republic, where he urged Luis Pettengill’s incursion into politics to be a presidential candidate.

“There is no division in the ruling party. In the same speech, the President of the Republic said that Velázquez would be the next President of the Republic and hoped that he could carry forward the achievements of the government”, he stated.

The former national president urged the Colorado people to patiently carry out this electoral battle. Since there are only seven months left for the interns.

“It is important to put to the consideration of the Paraguayan people the agenda that we want to address. Polls are snapshots of the moment. At seven months, the surveys still do not have much relevance. But they serve as work elements, ”he said.

Regarding the possible action of unconstitutionality, to which Abdo Benítez is exposed by running for President of the Republic, he replied that the Court had already ruled in 2005 and 2006 on this situation.

“In human relationships there are always tensions. Even more so in the political field. Politics is born because we do not have a homogeneous society. That is why politics is installed and articulated to resolve these controversies”, he concluded.

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