Marchan y protestan por muerte de José Gregorio Custodio en Ocoa

They march and protest the death of José Gregorio Custodio in Ocoa

San Jose de Ocoa.- Hundreds of people participated this afternoon in a protest march demanding justice for the death of the young José Gregorio Custodio, according to Family members due to a beating at the local police station.

Carrying banners that read “We want justice for Cuba, police do not kill me, Ocoa is in mourning,” among others, the protesters left at about 4:15 minutes from the house where the deceased lived today, on 30th Street in April Andrés Pimentel corner.

The streets traveled included: April 30, Altagracia, Manuel H. Cabral, Colón, Andrés Pimentel and others, until reaching the surroundings of the San José de Ocoa police station.

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