PronoKal, the secret to achieve the weight you want

PronoKal, the secret to achieve the weight you want

Is that special date approaching, do you want to prepare for the holidays or have you simply decided to leave behind those extra pounds that always refuse to go away? PronoKal has the answer to your concerns.

No, it is not a “miracle diet”, but rather a comprehensive method, scientifically proven, with which you will see results from the first week, which will help you feel and look like you always dreamed of, and maintain it over time.

What is the secret? The method PronoKalwhich has already helped more than half a million patients worldwide to lose weight quickly, safely and effectively.

PronoKal develops treatments based on a ketogenic diet, low in fat, personalized and supervised by health professionals. Healthoriented to the needs of each patient.

And what makes it different from other methods?

First and foremost, it is a safe method, scientifically backed. Also, you will never be alone in the process. From day one you will have the support of a comprehensive team to achieve the goal you have set for yourself, quickly, safely and, above all, healthy. PronoKal has a network of 8,000 prescribing doctors around the world, to take care of the Health of each patient at all times.

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With PronoKal, the important thing is not only what is lost, but everything that is gained

The data from a rigorous scientific study published in the renowned journal Nutrients leave no room for doubt. The PronoKal method not only reduces measures, but improves well-being and quality of life. This pioneering study evaluates changes in behavior, such as anxiety about eating, and the quality of life of patients treated with the PronoKal Method. It shows that the treatment improves sleep, mood, reduces the feeling of hunger and anxiety, increases physical activity and increases and improves sexual activity.

PronoKal It has different methods that adapt to the needs of each person. For example, if your goal is to remove only that localized fat and reduce a few pounds, your method is called PronoKal Define. In 5 weeks you can lose up to 12 pounds of fat and reshape your body. This method combines diet with supplementation and specific physical activity. In addition, it has an innovative digital monitoring, through a mobile application and a smart scale that is included free of charge when starting treatment.

Your great ally in this process will be food PronoKal. They help you make a difference and stay focused, because you never stop eating well and, even if you’re on a diet, you can enjoy those sweet or salty treats that you like so much, thanks to the variety of foods Pronokal.

You will have more than a hundred options at your disposal, both ready-to-eat and prepared, salty and sweet, with the proteins you need, from high-quality natural sources, such as eggs, milk or soy. In addition, they are enriched with DHA (Omega 3), which helps you maintain long-term weight loss, thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect. Your doctor will indicate the diet you need and, with the support of a nutritionist-coach, you will be able to choose those foods, according to your goals and also your tastes.

In addition, you will have a digital accompaniment to follow your progress and you will have at your disposal physical activity guidelines, recipes, practical advice and much more.

And the results? Spectacular!

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The big difference between PronoKal and other methods is that it eliminates only what is left over: fat, but maintains what you need: muscle mass, helping to make the results last.

Studies show that with PronoKal triple the results you’d get on a traditional low-calorie diet, and they last longer. In fact, 100% of treated patients maintain most of the weight lost 12 months after starting treatment and, furthermore, the treatment has been shown to be 5 times more effective in maintaining muscle mass than a traditional diet and in reducing up to 3 times more visceral fat.

And the rebound effect?

Perhaps you have already tried diets in which, in a short time, you not only gained the pounds you had lost, but also some more. This is due to two reasons. The first, the return to unhealthy habits, and the second, lipoinflammation, which occurs when fat cells grow and cause inflammation of that fatty tissue.

PronoKal has developed a system that combats both. On the one hand, the integral treatment, by steps, contemplates a stage of alimentary re-education and, on the other hand, the PronoKal Method contemplates the solution of lipoinflammation, through its exclusive ProteinDHA® formula and its specific multidisciplinary methodology.

How does the PronoKal Method work?

Follow these 3 easy steps and you’ll be closer to your goal weight.

  1. Visit your PronoKal doctor: will study your state of health with an analysis and will indicate the most appropriate treatment for you.

  2. Receive nutritional advice: PronoKal nutritionists will help you define your diet in a personalized way.

  3. Start the path: At the beginning of the diet, you will combine PronoKal foods with vegetables, and you will progressively introduce more foods. Your doctor and the rest of the PronoKal team will accompany you throughout the process.

Do not hesitate, this time it will be different. The image you want to see in the mirror is closer than ever.

With PronoKal You lose weight and gain wellness.

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