An apostolic nuncio or papal nuncio is a diplomatic representative of the Holy See—not the Vatican City State—with the rank of ambassador.

President TC meets with envoy from the Holy See

Santo Domingo. -The Plenum of the Constitutional Court (CT) received the visit of Monsignor Edgar Peña Parra, substitute for General Affairs of the Vatican Secretariat of State, and who is the first Venezuelan designated apostolic nuncio of the Holy See.

President Justice Milton Ray Guevara expressed that among the missions that the TC has is to guarantee the supremacy of the Constitution and fundamental rights, and prayers are important, since only with the help of God can it be fulfilled with a sense of responsibility. the task performed by this body.

Ray Guevara recalled his participation in a seminar on religious freedom, in which he stated that the Dominican Republic is a Christocentric republic with very strong roots in Christianity.

Magistrate Eunisis Vásquez Acosta, who was ambassador to the Holy See and who was in charge of coordinating this visit, expressed that, although her stay in the Vatican was short, it was full of content, and that Monsignor Peña Parra was of great support during its management.

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In this visit to the plenary session of the TC, Judge Ray Guevara was joined by judges Rafael Díaz Filpo, first substitute for the president; Alba Luisa Beard Marcos, Domingo Gil, Miguel Valera Montero, José Alejandro Vargas Guerrero and Eunisis Vásquez Acosta, as well as the secretary of the TC, Grace Ventura. In virtual form were the magistrates Lino Vásquez Sámuel, second substitute judge of the president, and Justo Pedro Castellanos Khoury.

President TC meets with envoy from the Holy See-1

The Pope’s delegate was accompanied by Monsignor Francisco Ozoria, Metropolitan Archbishop of Santo Domingo; Bishop Raúl Berzosa Martínez, of the Archdiocese of Santo Domingo; Monsignor Cristiano Antonietti, from the Secretariat of the Vatican State; Monsignor Jain Méndez, interim charge d’affaires of the Apostolic Nunciature in the country, and the Reverend Father José Ramón Santana, ecclesiastical counselor of the Embassy of the Dominican Republic to the Holy See.

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