Plan to fight drug micro-trafficking seized more than 2 million pesos

The Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber, and the police chiefs of Canelones, San José and Montevideo presented this Thursday the 4th the results of the two months of execution of the Action Plan of the Task Force in the Metropolitan Zone. The main data details that 2.2 million pesos were seized, 160 mouths of base paste were dismantled; 222 people were arrested and 119 prosecuted.

The secretary of state was accompanied by the undersecretary, Guillermo Maciel; the General Director of the Secretariat, Luis Calabria; the director of the National Police, Diego Fernández; the Montevideo Police chiefs, Mario D’Elía; from Canelones, Víctor Trezza, and from San José, Orestes Leles Da Silva; the Director of Investigations, Nelson Albernaz, and the Director of Coexistence and Citizen Security, Santiago González.

Heber affirmed that the progress of the plan against the micro, drug dealing and drug trafficking, which was presented to the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, in May, shows that it is successful. “This is the path, and we are going to deepen this task, because it is drug money that is not on the street,” he said.

The Secretary of State stressed that stopping drug micro-distributors generates a network of investigations to reach those who sell large quantities.

For his part, Trezza reported that between June 15 and July 15, the second month surveyed, 78 raids and 43 interventions were carried out on public roads, and 52 base paste manholes were dismantled, of which 11 were boarded up. . In addition, he detailed that 113 people were arrested, of which 85 were prosecuted.

Regarding the seizures, he pointed out that 9,833 grams of marijuana, 2,400 grams of base paste, 490 ecstasy pills and 400 grams of cocaine were seized. 11 weapons and 11 vehicles were also seized. The police chief announced that in that period the money seized totaled 402,081 pesos.

Finally, he remarked that in the sum of the two months of implementation of the plan, 2.2 million pesos were seized, 160 mouths of base paste were dismantled, 222 people arrested and 119 prosecuted. He announced that in the next surrender, which will take place in San José, a seizure of more than 410,000 dollars will be added, which took place in recent days.

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