They arrested eight subjects who stole 370 PDVSA tubes

They arrested eight subjects who stole 370 PDVSA tubes

The Bolivarian National Guard detained eight subjects who were transporting 370 previously stolen tubes belonging to PDVSA, according to military sources.

The operation took place in the Dación sector, Pedro María Freites municipality (Cantaura), Anzoátegui, where they retained the 370 crude oil transfer line tubes classified as strategic ferrous-type material.

In addition, the military seized a 9 mm pistol, Beretta, model 90 TWO, serial TX248030; three pistol magazines, seven 9mm caliber cartridges, a bulletproof vest, a false wet seal with the PDVSA logo, as well as three vehicles: two Mack Visions and a Chevrolet Optra, license plate AC761MV.

The detainees are identified as: Ricardo José Navas, Iván Alvares Moreno, Guillermo José Rodríguez, Luis Orange Rivero Hernández, Delvis Duno Gutiérrez, Carlos Vicente Crespo Abache, Ricardo José Navas and Ángel Rafael Báez, members of the Los Piratas criminal organization, who They were dedicated to the robbery and theft of strategic material from the PDVSA industry, according to the investigations.

These people will be prosecuted for theft of strategic material, illicit possession of a firearm and conspiracy to commit a crime.

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