Perseo case: Chamber declares the criminal action against Abimael Guzmán extinguished after his death

Perseo case: Chamber declares the criminal action against Abimael Guzmán extinguished after his death

The Fourth Criminal Appeals Chamber of the National Superior Court declared the criminal action against the leader of Sendero Luminoso extinguished, who died in September 2021, and ordered the filing of the proceedings and other mandates issued.

The decision was adopted within the framework of the oral trial against the leadership of luminous path and the leaders of the Movement for Amnesty and Fundamental Rights (Movadef), for the so-called Perseus Case.

On the other hand, the court ordered that a medical examiner, a specialist in psychiatry, evaluate and report on the mental health of Florindo Flores Halaaliases ‘comrade Artemio’who refused to appear at the oral trial hearing scheduled for today.

In the same way, said judicial instance declared inadmissible a series of challenges raised against the court, by the lawyers of the defendants in this case.

The referee considered that the arguments of the technical defenses are based on “subjective appraisals”, so there are no grounds provided for in the standard to meet your request.

Therefore, the president of the room, Celinda Segura, urged the lawyers to act in “good faith, with probity, truthfulness” and not to make dilatory and malicious requests during the process.

The defendants in this case are Elena Iparraguirre Revoredo, María Pantoja Sánchez, Osmán Morote Barrionuevo, Margot Liendo Gil, Victoria Trujillo Agurto, Florindo Flores Hala, Alfredo Crespo Bragayrac, Fernando Olórtegui Crispín, Oswaldo Esquivel Caicho, among others.

The Fourth Criminal Court of Appeals is chaired by Superior Judge Celinda Segura Salas and is also made up of her colleagues Mercedes Pareja Centeno and William Lugo Villafana.

The tax accusation attributes to Movadef being part of Sendero Luminosohaving acted on his orders, and receiving financing from the narco-terrorist activities of the remnants of the organization.

The custodial sentences requested for those accused by the Public Ministry range between 20 years and life imprisonment. The payment of the required civil compensation is 2 and a half million soles.


The magistrates approved the habeas corpus presented by a lawyer to annul the decision that went against the pardon of the former president.

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