Pereira delivered economic proposals from the FA in the Executive Tower

Pereira delivered economic proposals from the FA in the Executive Tower

The president of the Broad Front, Fernando Pereira, delivered this Tuesday in the Executive Tower the proposals of his party to contain the increase in prices and the loss of purchasing power. President Luis Lacalle Pou participated in an official tour of the Maldonado department in the morning, participated in a rugby tournament among inmates, and also referred to this topic (see page 3). The proposal remained on the entrance table of the Presidency. Pereira said that “you don’t have to work at the speed of Twitter,” so it’s reasonable that Lacalle Pou takes two weeks to respond.

“The president has to analyze this document, he has to quantify it (…) and depending on whether any of these tools that we have proposed serve to solve people’s problems, I suppose that the president is going to convene us,” he said.

The Broad Front has in its sights the Accountability Bill that the Executive Power must send to Parliament. Pereira recalled that the Ciudadanos Colorado sector, the Independent Party and the Open Council also presented initiatives of an economic nature.

“It is time to show whether it is bluff or reality that certain policies in Uruguay are wanted to be changed. Whether it is true or not that they want to increase and recover public salaries, whether it is true or not that they want to have more public investment, whether it is true or not that they want to favor local businesses. They can count on the Broad Front », he commented at a press conference.

The former president of the Pit-Cnt pointed out that in April 2022 there are 66,000 more poor people than in 2019, that in all age groups poverty increased, “while other Uruguayans deposited US$9,000 million in Uruguayan and foreign banks.” For Pereira, “this is called social injustice.”

On the other hand, Pereira did not want to delve into the cost of the measures, which was quantified by the leftist coalition. “We don’t want to discuss the cost, but rather whether the measures are timely or not,” he emphasized when asked by the press.

Now, according to Pereira, Lacalle Pou must “analyze them” and study the “feasibility of carrying them forward.” He said that transferring double the money to the Uruguay Social card is a measure that covers the sector of the population that “is experiencing the worst economic vicissitudes,” and that it would also make it possible to face the increase in portions served in popular pots in the first months of the anus.

In turn, the president of the Broad Front questioned whether the ruling party can fulfill what was promised in the last electoral campaign if it remains in the same position. “If the government’s proposal was not to lose salary, it is already failing to fulfill a good part of the electoral campaign,” he affirmed, and denounced that despite what was promised there was an increase in the price of fuel, a drop in salaries and pensions and an increase in transfers from public companies to the central government.

“I think the time has come for the government to take charge and for the excuses to go to the side to make concrete public policies that address the quality of life of Uruguayans,” he concluded.

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