Juan Orlando Hernández was visited by the Dominican military

Juan Orlando Hernández was visited by the Dominican military

The legal team of the former president of Honduras John Orlando Hernandez He has advanced that he will present a bail offer to the United States authorities of three million dollars to be able to prepare his defense in freedom. The former president was allegedly visited by Rabbi Yosef Cohen, Military of the Navy of the Dominican Republic.

After his extradition a few days ago to the United States, where Justice claims him for an alleged series of crimes related to organized crime and drug trafficking, his lawyers have reported that the proposal, which has the support of the Jewish community in that country, It will be presented in the coming weeks.

Thus, the defense has ensured that the Jewish community in the United States and Israel is willing to pay the three million dollar bail that they will request before Judge Stewart D. Aaron, expected on May 10, when the next hearing is set.

Not only does he have financial backing, but he is also being visited in the Brooklyn detention center where he is being held by the Senior Rabbi of Honduras, Aaron Lanky, and the rabbi Joseph Cohen, former captain of the Dominican Republic Navytells the newspaper ‘La Prensa’.

“He is in deep Jewish studies,” explained Hernández’s lawyers, who would be learning the Talmud — the central text of Judaism — “to increase his spiritual connection with God and receive Jewish kosher food.”

The Hernández defense, which “has a private space” with access “to a basketball court, television and a place to exercise” in the center of New York where it is located, has revealed that the former head of the Sinaloa Cartel , Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán, will testify, if, as the accusation says, he financed the former Honduran president in some way.

Strongly escorted by the police and under great media attention, Hernández was finally transferred to the United States last week after more than two months detained in a high-security center in Tegucigalpa.

Once one of Washington’s main allies in the region, the former Honduran president ended up falling out of favor as suspicions about his links to drug trafficking became more evident — his brother Toni Hernández’s life sentence — and above all because of the impossibility of revalidating mandate.

Positions of the Dominican captain in the Navy

In your Linkedin account, Rabbi Yosef Cohen He says he is a doctor of Theology and Philosophy. He also that he is, since February of this year, in charge of the Administrative Department of Military History of the Ministry of Defense of the Dominican Republic.

Also that he served for five years and seven months as head of the Department of Ceremonial and Military Protocol.

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