Pedro Castillo: lawyer denounces plagiarism in project on referendum for convening Constituent Assembly

Pedro Castillo: lawyer denounces plagiarism in project on referendum for convening Constituent Assembly

The constitutional lawyer Diego Pomareda denounced that the Government ofplagiarized an academic paper of yours which proposes that a referendum be held in which to consult on the call for a .

“It is a textual copy of the quotes that I have used, at one point I develop what is the constituent moment, I wrote this text last year and they do not mention me. It looks like a simple sheet, but behind that there is a very strong work. The executive power did not take into consideration quoting me, including a quote that I paraphrased as a result of a forum, they use it as a textual quote”he told Canal.

“It should be shown that in such a serious matter, it cannot be taken with such superficiality, I think it is the duty of young people to denounce these things and the lack of Executive Power has to be evidenced”he added.

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Hours earlier, on his social networks, the lawyer asserted that the statement of reasons for the initiative presented last Monday before Congress contains excerpts from an article of his published in the July 2021 edition of the magazine “LP Law”.

“It is quite uncomfortable to see that the Executive Power does not value academic production and seeks to base its Constituent Assembly in any way. Copying the quotes from my article without having read them and using the paraphrasing I do as if it were something textual is deplorable”Pomareda wrote on his Twitter account.

“It is not a minor issue since the copied end of my article required reading Heiss’s book, participating in a Forum of the University of Chile and using texts from my master’s degree in Constitutional Law such as Cairo. It is evident that such an important LP has not been taken seriously”, he adds in another message.

The response of the Minjus

In statements to the same medium, the Minister of Justice, Félix Chrero, admitted that a “quotation error” may have been made in the project, but that in no case was it deliberate.

“You have to be a gentleman to recognize the following: all of us who work on legal texts at times make citation errors, in books and texts, beyond what can be generated in a citation error, there has never been the intention of not recognizing the work of researchers, there has not been the slightest intention of ignoring the work of any professional”he referred.


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