Penonomé butterflies are exhibited in Türkiye

The Panamanian butterfly pavilion opened its doors to the public in the Konya Botanical Garden of the Republic of Türkiye, the result of Panama’s diplomatic efforts to promote the biological and cultural diversity of the country and community development, promoting the breeding and export of butterflies and other species in a sustainable way.

The Panamanian ambassador to Turkiye, Mariela Sagel, the mayor of that city, Ahmet Peyatirmaci, and the directors of the botanical center headed by Yasin Selvi participated in the inauguration ceremony.

In the protocol ceremony, the diplomat handed out pins and a brochure that describes all the species of butterflies that exist in the isthmus; while the mayor presented a ceramic sculpture representative of his city and expressed interest in the twinning between the city of Konya and the city of Penonomé, where the Cerro La Vieja butterfly farm is located, from where the Panamanian butterflies that are exhibited in Turkiye come from .

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