Guaireña puts the brakes on Guarani in Dos Bocas

Guaireña puts the brakes on Guarani in Dos Bocas

Federico Santander opened the scoring for the hosts in the 60th minute, while Derlys Cabins established the parity goal five minutes from the end of regulation time (85′).

In Dos Bocas, matchday 9 of the championship opened, with the cross between two teams that sought to meet again with victory.

Regarding the procedure, the team Hernan Rodrigo Lopez He did not know how to exhibit the expected dominance that could corner his rival. The albicelestes knew how to resist without major shocks to keep the goal at zero until the end of the first stage.

The second period looked quite similar to what was witnessed in the first stage, although the aurinegro team knew how to unbalance the score when game time came.

A succession of short touches led to the appearance of Santander inside the Villa Rican area, who, after receiving assistance from Walter Clar, turned and resolved in a way that seemed forced but effective at the end: the ‘Ropero’ ball went into a corner and became 1-0 for the Legendary.

It seemed that Guaraní guaranteed his victory with the passing of the minutes. However, Derlys Cabañas took advantage of a good clearance from the right sector by Jesús Vázquez and, making a presence at the far post, pushed the ball into the net without opposition for the 1-1 win for the pupils of Roberto ‘Shark’ Torres.

With this, the Aboriginal lost a great chance to put pressure on the Libertad leader with a second consecutive drawnow staying with 16 points in the tournament.

Guairenaon the other hand, has gone seven games without knowing victories, although the point added today (7 in total) may represent an incentive to go in search of victories in the following rounds.

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