Peirano Basso is extradited to Paraguay: he was imprisoned in Punta de Rieles

The extradition of the ex-banker began Jose Peirano Basso this Monday to Paraguay, reported Underlined and confirmed to The Observer his lawyer Pablo Donnángelo. On Saturday, May 20, he had been arrested and referred to the Punta de Rieles jail.

The businessman will travel to Paraguay in a charter flight sent by that country that arrived in Uruguay around 6 in the morning. Peirano Basso has already left Punta de Rieles and is waiting for the “all the paperwork” necessary to travel to the South American country is completedexplained Donnángelo, who expects his client to leave on the 10:30.

In Paraguay he is accused of the crimes of breach of trust and improper conduct in crisis situations as a result of the disappearance of customer deposits of Banco Alemán.

The former banker’s lawyer indicated that Peirano Basso will “face another trial” for those crimesand estimated that the cause “it will be archived”, because “the cause prescribed” and that the “liquidation of assets” of Banco Alemán “was positive”so you understand that “There is no damage to the State.”

According to Donnángelo, these issues had not been brought into consideration by the Paraguayan justice since this had declared the businessman “in absentia”although “could not attend” due to his criminal situation in Uruguay.

In this country the former banker he was imprisoned from 2002 to 2007 and he was recently sentenced in 2013 for fraudulent corporate insolvency in the bankruptcy of the Bank of Montevideo. He did not return to jail because he had already served his sentence early. He was held in Cárcel Central.

The arrest and the appeal rejected

The arrest of Saturday the 20th arrived after the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) rejected an appeal presented by the defense of Peirano Basso against his extradition, which remained firm thanks to the court’s resolution.

Paraguay and Argentina requested the extradition of Peiranobut in November 2021 justice gave priority to Paraguay’s extradition request in the first instance and later in a Court of Appeals, because the crimes prosecuted by that country carry higher penalties than those in Argentina. However, the lawyer Donnángelo filed an appeal to the measure, understanding that the most serious charge was the one being pursued in Argentina.

By majority, the court ruled against the appeal, understanding that it was “clearly inadmissibleand only explains it undeniable purpose of delaying and/or dissecting the material act of delivery itself”. In addition, they indicated that Argentina withdrew its extradition request, for which reason they understood that the requested measure “lacks purpose.”

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