Pedro Castillo took ‘the children’ to the stadium to watch the Peru match

A report from the revealed that three congressmen from the “children” unions enjoyed the Peru vs. Paraguay that was played on March 29, 2022 thanks to courtesy tickets.

They are the acciopopulists Raúl Doroteo Carbajo, Jorge Flores Ancachi and who were nothing more and nothing less than in the Presidential Box, where -according to the IPD registry- only those close to the president such as his wife and sister enter.

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Peru21 had access to the document from the control body. According to research, the in conjunction with the IPD signed a contract in relation to said match for the sum of S/ 83,874 including VAT.

Among the beneficiaries of these courtesy tickets are Doroteo, Flores and Espinoza, who entered the presidential box with their families. In addition, they point out that these were delivered by the “Peruvian Football Federation, as indicated by their ‘uses and customs’, and are not part of the contract signed with the ”.

As it is known, the three legislators of the LAMPA make up a group of six unionized as part of a mafia dedicated to favoring works in public tenders, which operated from the Ministry of Transport and Communications, during the management of the fugitive ex-minister Juan Silva.


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