The revaluation of waste through recycling

Rocío Vely, director of Environmental Management at Ande, provided details about the “Ande Recicla” project, aimed at recovering waste.

The professional spoke with 1000 AM and spoke of the conscious processing of waste through separation at source and use through recycling.

He explained that the initiative, in addition to recovering reusable or recyclable materials to achieve environmental benefits, will contribute to the generation of income for more than 30 families affiliated with the San Francisco Neighborhood Recyclers Association, who will take advantage of the materials, through the Framework Agreement and the Specific Cooperation Agreement signed on May 9 of the current year.

He commented that the project, promoted by the SIGAS Implementation Office, dependent on the Environmental Management Directorate, contemplates the separation of waste at source, grouping clean materials (paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum) separately in the Points Greens, which will be strategically located on the premises of the headquarters, during the first stage of the project, specifically next to the marker of the main building, in the MB4 Building and at the entrance door to the dining room.

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