Ortega orders the creation of the “White Cross”, assigns all stolen goods to the Nicaraguan Red Cross

The dictator Daniel Ortega, who just a few hours ago ordered his deputies to regulate the creation of the Nicaraguan Red Cross and to authorize the use of the emblems of the world humanitarian organization, has now backed down and ordered the creation of his own White Cross.

This Friday, June 2, the deputies of the National Assembly unanimously approved the “Creative Law of the White Cross”, with which they intend to supplant the Red Cross, which the Government confiscated and turned into an entity State attached to the Ministry of Health.

Although a few hours before, the same deputies assumed the power to authorize the Government to use the emblems and emblems of the Red Cross, now they change the password and create another institution with another color, since the Red Cross is a protected brand and can only be used by Red Cross societies and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

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The law for the White Cross of Ortega, in its article 2, indicates that it will be an autonomous, decentralized entity, with legal personality, its own assets and full capacity to acquire rights and contract obligations. Likewise, it defines that it will be attached to the Minsa.

The new institution will have as patrimony all the assets, registered or not, that belonged to the Nicaraguan Red Cross, as established in article 14 of the Law. Numeral 4 of the same article says that the assets and resources that it acquires “for the provision of its services”, which indicates that it will charge for some services that it provides.

The White Cross will have branches throughout the country. And according to the justification for creating it, it is because the population needs an institution that attends in case of emergencies.

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