Drinks and shelled bones in Havana to celebrate the 92nd birthday of Raúl Castro

Drinks and shelled bones in Havana to celebrate the 92nd birthday of Raúl Castro

The smell was felt from afar. From the improvised point of sale placed this Saturday on Galiano street, in Centro Habana, emanated a stench of meat in poor condition. The stench came from some almost peeled beef bones, which are sold at a fair that is held this June 3 in homage to Raúl Castro’s 92nd birthday. But not even the poor condition of the product and its few fibers scared off buyers who queued up to buy.

“I want them for a broth and if I can pinch some dough, even better,” commented an excited retiree who arrived in line warned by some neighbors. “They told me that she was celebrating I don’t know what, I didn’t understand well, but I took advantage because this denture hasn’t seen a bit of beef for years,” the woman ironized. Others made a face when approaching and after perceiving the strong smell that the pieces gave off, mainly from the cow’s ribs.

Customers with more resources could buy in other kiosks, where a beer exceeded 180 pesos, a Gouda cheese of about three kilograms amounted to a whopping 7,000 and a package of cookies, 850. Some buyers who were frustrated by the high prices They were crossing the Havana Boulevard. “They say they are selling cheaper drinks there,” a man yelled at a young man who looked around each kiosk but did not buy anything.

In front of the Universal Art Museum and a few meters from the José Martí sculpture, in Central Park, a small booth advertised piña coladas and on the corner next to the Telégrafo hotel a stage was erected for a night concert. Several bags with ice, intended to cool soft drinks and beers, were defrosting in the street waiting for some containers to place the drinks. “We are going to start selling after noon,” an employee clarified.

No sign warned what event was celebrated with music, drinks and beef bones, but some passers-by connected the dots: “Ah, it’s the birthday of the one in charge,” noted a woman who looked at her mobile to check the date. “I already knew that this was for something,” she concluded cryptically. Two tourists who were waiting for a piña colada were left without understanding what she was talking about. For them they were just a kiosk with drinks and a half-raised musical stage.


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