They regulate the professor Alina Bárbara López Hernández

Havana, Cuba.- The respected intellectual and academic Alina Barbara Lopez Hernandez denounced in his Facebook wall who has been the victim of a new arbitrariness by the Cuban regime. In her post, the professor explained that she was invited to an event organized annually by the Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy, based in the United States, but when she went to get a new passport, she was informed that it is regulated for reasons of interest. public.

I do not know what that phrase means, but I will not admit an arbitrariness that contradicts the Constitution of the Republic itself, which in its article 52 establishes freedom of movement for citizens, and although it clarifies that there may be exceptions, I do not consider myself one of them. .

Alina Bárbara López has been included in the list of Cubans that the regime considers “enemies”, a category that for years has included independent journalists, human rights activists and peaceful opponents.

The professor assured in her post that she will wait all next week for the body that decided to regulate her to contact her and inform her that such arbitrariness was reversed. Likewise, she warned that she will not knock on any door, nor will she present any complaint, nor will she try to negotiate with anyone.

Once that period has expired, I will begin to exercise my right to peaceful demonstration every week, this time carrying a sign that will indicate the reasons for my action,” he said.

López Hernández also declared that he was fully aware of the consequences that his peaceful protest could have, and assured that he is willing to assume them.

I’d rather go to prison than be subjected. We will see if those who decide these violations are willing to take the risk of depriving me of my freedom, ”he stressed.

His post concludes with a call to Cubans, the foreign and independent press, the Observatory of Academic Freedom and his colleagues inside and outside the island to be attentive to his situation.

in the last monthss, the historian from Matanzas has been harassed by the regime due to her anti-government criticism and her willingness to exercise the right to peacefully demand change on the island, which is mired in a severe and multisectoral crisis that the authorities have proven incapable of handling.

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