One dead and one injured after a fight at the doors of a Maldonado bar

Police of Maldonado works to elucidate the conditions in which a fight took place outside a Fernandino bar where a young man died and another was injured.

It was an event that occurred this Saturday morning in front of a local located in the streets Joseph Dodera and Florida. Police responded to a call reporting disturbances. Upon arrival, the agents found two young people injured from what appeared to be cuts with white weapons.

In accordance with FM People, the oldest victim, 20 years old, was transferred to a health center where he died while being assisted. On the other hand, the other injured, 19 years old, had minor injuries.

The circumstances in which the events took place are not clear, it is not even known if there was a third person who participated in them. According to the owner of the bar, around a quarter to seven he took a person out of the premises, since she was drunk. After expelling this person from the premises, a disorder arose that ended with damage to the glass of the main door.

The people who were present at the time of the events refused to provide information about what happened.

At the head of the investigations of the case is the 2nd shift prosecutor, Ana Rosés. The official from the Public Ministry ordered that statements be taken from the witnesses and that the security cameras in the area be reviewed. Likewise, she decided to open a forensic investigation into the victims and the location of the owner of the premises.

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