María del Carmen Alva denounces threats to abandon the presidency of Congress

Ombudsman rejects expressions of María del Carmen Alva: “Officials must avoid adjectives used to discriminate”

The Ombudsman’s Office rejected the expressions of the president of Congress, who assured that the Legislative branch works without discrimination to “whites and indians”.

The institution asserted that public officials and citizens must avoid any type of adjectives or stereotypes that, throughout history, have been used to discriminate against people.

We reject any expression that may generate discrimination by alluding to racial aspects of people. Public officials and citizens in general must avoid any adjectives or stereotypes that have historically been used to discriminate”, he wrote on his social networks.

A discourse of unity must seek the integration of Peruvians because of their condition as human beings, in a multiethnic and multicultural country.”, he added.

Last Saturday, the head of Parliament pointed out that Congress does not promote any type of discrimination and assured this power of the State that it does not have a divisive discourse.

Our phrase is a ‘Congress for all’ without exception at the national level: Lima and regions united, whites and Indians, poor and rich united. We do not have a divisive discourse, of class struggle”, he pointed out during his visit to Piura.

Subsequently, Alva Prieto maintained that said statements were taken out of context” as part of a supposed strategy to generate division.

“To take out of context the words I offered in Piura, during the unveiling of the plaque for the Bicentennial of Congress, ratifies the modus operandi of those who try to generate a divisive discourse among Peruvians, as the ruling party and its allies do”he wrote on Twitter.

I call for reflection and for the unity of our country. Peru is diverse, and that makes it a magnificent country. My commitment to work for all Peruvians, without distinction, will remain intact. Ahead!”he added.


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