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Dominican Consul in Haiti recovered stolen cows in that nation and returned it to the DR

Dajabón.- The Dominican consul in Juana Méndez, Haiti recovered in Haitian territory and returned to the Dominican several cattle that had been stolen by rustlers in the province of Dajabón.

Margarito De León condemned the theft of the animals from humble farmers from the El Cajuil community of the Loma de Cabrera municipality, Dajabón and other ranchers.

De León reported that he received information about the theft of the animals at the Dominican consulate in Juana Méndez, Haiti, immediately began an investigation process together with the police, military and judicial authorities of that nation, locating the whereabouts of the animals, recovering, returning it to the Dominican Republic and handing it over to its owners.

In act the farmer Carlos Eusebio Blanc, said “that I feel happy, because the rustlers had cut off both of their arms when they took away the yoke of oxen with which he earned his family’s livelihood.”

The cows were received at the border gate by the authorities of the provincial government of Dajabon, Rosalba Milagros Peña, members of the Army of the Dominican Republic and other institutions.

On her side, the representative of the executive power in the Milagros Peña province, stated that they work closely with the livestock sector to find solutions to the cattle theft that has affected that sector, while calling on the ranchers not to risk crossing Haiti and allow the authorities to resolve the situation, in order to avoid conflicts between Haitians and Dominicans.

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