Next to the garbage dump and with low investment: what a mayor does to solve the drama of loose dogs

The municipality of Fraile Muerto advanced towards a quick solution to the issue that most concerns sheep farmers and many othersthe damage they cause in the flocks the stray dogswhich are also responsible for attacks that people also suffer.

Gastón Nauar, the mayor in that town of Cerro Largoexplained that With an investment of $300,000, a shelter is built in a strategic location, next to the garbage dump.a place chosen by many people to abandon dogs that end up committing these attacks that entail losses for the producer, plus emotional damage and injuries to the people attacked.

This management was highlighted by the nationalist senator Sebastián Da Silvawho visited Nauar this Saturday to learn about this solution and support the mayor’s attitude.

Nauar said to The Observer that the work began a month ago and will be ready for augustas soon as the roof is built, which is the only thing missing. In an area of ​​500 m2, 80% will be roofed and there will be adequate comfort for the dogs that are installed there.which considers health and food issues.

Da Silva reported that The mayor’s order is that the loose dogs be picked up, taken to that new shelter, castrated, chipped and finally delivered to animal shelters so that they can find a home..

Nauar said that the investment is genuine from the mayor’s office and that what motivated him to do this is a double concern, to solve the problem of the stray dog ​​for the producer and the rest of the people who have had problems, such as bitesbut also solve the issue of the dog that is abandoned.

The hostel is next to the local garbage dump.

On his Twitter account, Senator Da Silva stated: “The axis of route 7 is one of the most affected by the massacre of loose dogs. It is almost an epidemic of weekly complaints from people who see their flocks fleeced”.

He added: “Faced with this reality you can continue theorizing or take the bull by its horns. Gastón defined as a priority to build a shelter with kennels to deposit all the loose dogs of his payment there”.

“Where did you build it? Next to the dump, a favorite place for people to leave dogs. Therefore, he will shortly give the order to the officials to grab those dogs, take them to the shelter, castrate them and give them to the animal shelters, “explained the legislator.

He also indicated that “In moments of accountability and millions of dollars here and there, you have to know that the cost of this shelter was 300 thousand pesos. A truck, decision of the authorities and see if the issue can be solved with a sense of reality”.

Hopefully many municipalities imitate the decision of the mayor of Fraile Muerto and that people also imitate the concern for these issues without theoretical tinkering that frustrates the rural producer. Welcome”, Da Silva concluded.

Next to the garbage dump and with low investment: what a mayor does to solve the drama of loose dogs

Senator Da Silva together with Mayor Gastón Nauar.

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