Nephew of Pedro Castillo reappears and tries to distance himself from Zamir Villaverde

Nephew of Pedro Castillo reappears and tries to distance himself from Zamir Villaverde

nephew of the president reappeared and broke his silence after his preventive detention was changed to appearance with restrictions while he is being investigated for the Puente Tarata case.

As expected, the 24-year-old denied all the accusations against him, despite the tax investigations that weigh on him and his cousin Friar Vasquez Castillo.

He pointed out that it was not theaccess door of the business friends of Zamir Villaverde with President Castillo”, as stated by Karelim López before the Prosecutor’s Office.

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If they say that so much, let them take a test and show what the nephews really are, but they only take sayings. Let her (Karelim) say what entrepreneurs. The lady can say anything, but she has to say: ‘such a nephew did this and what was the function’”, he said in an interview in Punto Final.

Also, Gian Marco Castillo affirmed in the Sunday that he had no ties with the businessman Zamir Villaverde and that he did not know that he rented cars from them.

The cars have arrived from my cousin because he lends me to go to the Government Palace, I didn’t know they belonged to him (from the Mazavig SAC company in Villaverde). When he came out about the investigation I told him what happened, but he replied: ‘don’t worry, there’s no problem’”, commented Castillo’s nephew, who added that Friar Vasquez Castillo You must answer for Zamir’s vehicles.

Regarding the alleged criminal organization that ended up benefiting the Puente Tarata 3 consortium by obtaining the award for the work in the San Martín region, which amounted to more than S/ 320 million, Castillo’s nephew mentioned: “I had nothing to do with those issues, I don’t know why they link me if I’m not an official. That is not up to me”, he referred.

However, what is striking is that Gian Marco Castillo He stated that he does not remember if he went to the Ministry of Defense to visit the then minister of that sector, Walter Ayala, on August 7, 2021, as stated in his entry.

I don’t remember very well if I went or not. I don’t know if I visited, but if it was, it wasn’t for something bad.”, he explained.

He then added that he has no contact with his uncle, President Pedro Castillo, after being involved in legal problems.


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