Acevedo family does not trust police work

Ronald Acevedo, Governor of Amambay (PLRA), gave a press conference on Monday morning. In it, he analyzed the attack suffered by his brother José Carlos Acevedo, mayor of Pedro Juan Caballero last Tuesday, May 17.

The communal chief died last Saturday after a long agony due to the attack. He was hospitalized during all these days in a private hospital in the capital of Amambay. He could not be transferred to a high complexity center due to his delicate state of health.

During the press conference, he stated that he does not trust the work of the police to catch the perpetrators of his brother’s crime

“It is not being easy for the family, but you have to take strength to get out. We are hurt, disoriented, we have to set foot on land and continue on our way. We are talking with the family and doing endless activities, ”he said.

Regarding the progress of the investigations, he said that he is not aware of the latest developments and that only during the course of the day (yesterday) will he speak with the authorities, but he warned that he does not have much confidence in the work of the National Police, since Seven months ago her daughter died at the hands of hit men and to date, there has been no progress in the investigation.

“I don’t trust the police. They do not have my confidence, what they say is no longer credible. We are in a difficult moment,” she commented.

When asked about the possibility of leaving politics, he pointed out that it is premature to even talk about it. He gave the same answer when he was asked about his intentions to be mayor of Pedro Juan Caballero (PJC).

“There is a very big responsibility on me. I remain as head of the family. It is premature to talk about the political future,” she noted.

Finally, when asked if he fears for his life, he said that every Paraguayan fears for his life in the face of the wave of insecurity that afflicts the country.

It should be remembered that there are four people with arrest warrants, however, they have not yet been found.

Carolina Yunis de Acevedo, wife of Ronald Acevedo, governor of Amambay, took office as the new mayor of Pedro Juan Caballero (PJC). She will be in office on an interim basis, for 90 days, until the TSJE calls for new elections for the replacement of José Carlos Acevedo.
Yunis was elected as a municipal councilor last year and was later elected president of the Municipal Board.

It should be remembered that article 53 of the Municipal Organic Law 3,966 establishes that in the case of unjustified absence for more than thirty days, resignation, disqualification, death or definitive impediment of a municipal mayor, occurring during the first three years of the period, the Superior Court of Electoral Justice (TSJE) will convene new elections, within ninety days following the event that caused the vacancy, until the President of the Municipal Board assumes the functions of the former on an interim basis.

For this period, Acevedo was elected on October 10, so the tragic outcome occurred within his first three years in office.

In an interview for 730 AM, the new community chief expressed that she implies a lot of responsibility for the way she is taking office.

“Suddenly to give José Carlos a break, it was the intention to run for the municipal board. So that the projects of this new period are more accompanied and are approved quickly. Taking over the quartermaster like this is very heavy, but we are with the same strength that he has transmitted to us. We are here to follow the projects”, he pointed out.

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