Municipalities: Decentralization, security and citizen respect

Municipalities: Decentralization, security and citizen respect

By Ariel Lausarot – Sec. Gratlal. Colonia Blistas – Colorado Party. Initiatives for the concretion of new Municipalities in different places of the department resurface.

I agree with this, because I believe that decentralization processes should be promoted to improve the living conditions of the residents. I share that El General should have the Municipality of him. It is logical where you analyze it. His population grew, his needs, his very independence from the Colony itself has been exponentially developed and I also believe, following that same path, that there should be one in Real de San Carlos.

There are other departmental realities that also deserve it, such as the “Immigrant Coast” (which has been claiming it for a long time), “Villa Pancha” in Juan Lacaze (which has its own identity to the point of becoming its own center, without depending almost from the city), “El Pastoreo” in Rosario, “Lomas” in Carmelo and others in cities like Nueva Palmira and (why not?) in Nueva Helvecia.

I believe that the current legislation on the matter should be modified (which is being studied in Parliament) and three points should also be addressed, which I consider vital, for a better functioning of the system:

a) Allow the election for the members of the municipal councils to be free, and not be “tied” to the election of the Mayor and the mayors. It is possible to analyze it. It is a possibility that can have a place in a well-thought-out electoral system.

b) clearly establish, effective control, supervision, review and sanction mechanisms of the functioning of the Municipalities. Today a legal nebula, consistent with our constitution, does not mark clear horizons when it comes to controlling and, if necessary, sanctioning, even from a conjunctural political trial. The weight of ordinary Justice is not entirely clear in the eyes of society. In fact, it would be a purification tool for the same party politics that seeks to have mayors and council members.

c) The creation of the Ombudsman of the Neighbor, as an element that gives additional guarantees to the neighbors, regarding the action of the departmental government and municipal governments.

The Municipalities are a citizen tool that, without a doubt, needs adjustments but we cannot ignore the strength that they have gained in the same dynamics of the localities. They are a reality and reality always needs to be improved, projected, strengthened, duly legislated and controlled, but also developed.

The real independence of a third level of government also requires a consistent economic outlook, ensured beyond a ruler or a national moment. It is true: it is another reality that needs, in fact, a very broad, constitutional look and absolute guarantees for all parties. Again: the reality of which I speak. And at this point: look at State policy. From today, yes, but beyond the political moments. Much more when we know that the neighbor is the main protagonist of it.

The entrance Municipalities: Decentralization, security and citizen respect was first published in The Digital Echo.

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