Minors in conflict with the law took National Tests

Minors in conflict with the law took National Tests

Nine adolescents deprived of liberty took the National Tests of the Ministry of Education (Minerd) to opt for a bachelor’s degree at the Vida Nueva Educational Center, which operates within the Comprehensive Care Center for Adolescents in Conflict with the Law (Caipaclp), in Santiago.

The National Tests given correspond to the third level of the second cycle of secondary school and were supervised by the director of the regional 08 of the Minerd, Marieta Diaz, this Sunday.

This Sunday is the second day of testing in that center and compliance with the protocol established by the governing body of pre-university education was verified.

Ms. Díaz exhorted the students who take the exams and all those who study at the Vida Nueva center to believe in a better future and to continue their studies, so being deprived of liberty should not be an impediment to continue studying, she stressed.

The Caipaclp Santiago teaches in the Prepare modality, designed for the training of adults.

The Caipaclp educational centers are a dependency of the Penitentiary Management Model of the Attorney General’s Office that works on the comprehensive rehabilitation of adolescents who enter into conflict with the law penal.

Some 22 adult inmates of the CCR Rafey penitentiary also took the National Tests, in said center many of the inmates pursue university degrees, and others study at the pre-university level.

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