MME: wind and solar together have the 2nd largest position in the energy matrix

MME: wind and solar together have the 2nd largest position in the energy matrix

THE November Monthly Energy Bulletin 2021, published this month, informs that the Internal Electricity Supply (OIEE), the sum of consumption in economic sectors minus distribution and transmission losses, is expected to grow 4.7% in 2021. Wind and solar sources rose 2 .9 percentage points in the composition of the OIEE matrix, reaching 13.4%, a sum that lost only to hydraulic energy, responsible for 56.7% of the total supply. MME: wind and solar together have the 2nd largest position in the energy matrix

According to data from the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), with 13.4%, Brazil already exceeds the clean energy indicator of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) bloc, estimated at 13% for 2021 .

The assistant secretary of Energy Planning and Development of the MME, Marcello Nascimento Cabral da Costa, highlighted the importance of the sector. In the last 12 months, wind generation grew by more than 20%, and solar generation by more than 60%, according to the assistant secretary.

“Our energy matrix is ​​one of the most renewable in the world with a proportion of 48%, an indicator more than three times higher than the world average. Regarding the electricity matrix, we have 85% of renewability, while the world average is only 28%. Brazil has been a protagonist in the renewable theme in the world for more than half a century, when we started the implementation of large hydroelectric plants and the production of ethanol”, highlighted Marcello Nascimento Cabral da Costa, deputy secretary of the Ministry of Energy Planning and Development.

New legislation

According to Leonardo Euler, Vice President of Vestas for Latin America, a company that works with the production of wind energy turbines, the Decree 10,946published in January, should expand the generation of clean energy in the country.

The new legislation, which provides for the use of natural resources in inland waters under the Union’s domain, should expand the area of ​​wind capture. According to Euler, with the installation of turbines on the high seas in different regions of Brazil where the winds blow strongly, it will be possible to make better use of the country’s wind potential.

“And for Brazil to unlock all this offshore wind potential as a whole, a regulatory environment is not only predictable, but secure. The decree is certainly an important step in this direction as far as offshore is concerned”, said Euler.

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