Mirex otorga 1,205 visas a estudiantes haitianos

Mirex grants 1,205 visas to Haitian students

SANTO DOMINGO.-The Ministry of Foreign Affairs granted 1,205 visas to Haitian students.
The information was released yesterday by the Embassy of Haiti in the country through a statement.

“The Embassy of Haiti in the Dominican Republic informs that it has received from the Dominican Foreign Ministry 206 passports with visas granted by the Government of this country, to the same number of Haitian students who reside and study in Santo Domingo.

With the delivery of the 206 passports with Dominican visas, the process is completed, involving the Embassy with a total of 1,205 visas received, missing 47 that had expired in the process but that due to special efforts carried out by the Embassy were managed to renew “, says a note sent to the media.

They specified that these documents will be delivered at another time to MIREX so that the Dominican visa can be placed on them. “The visa passports were immediately received by the Embassy from MIREX and began to be delivered from this Thursday, April 7, to Haitian students at the Mission’s headquarters.”

The issuance of student visas was an administrative measure taken taking into account the security crisis affecting Haiti and after it became clear that many came to use it for purposes other than those for which they were issued.

Yesterday, a group of Haitian students demonstrated in front of the MIREX demanding that their documents be returned to them to avoid being deported and to be able to complete their studies.

Crisis prevents open and permanent dialogue
Note. The Dominican government has led the request for help from the international community for Haiti. On more than one occasion and in different scenarios, the Dominican authorities have insisted on humanitarian assistance from the international community for the neighboring country due to its serious social and economic crisis, arguing that there is no Dominican solution to the Haitian problem.

Likewise, it has been requested to promote a broad and inclusive political dialogue in Haiti to lay the foundations for a fair, free and transparent electoral process.

However, any act of conversation has little probability of extending over time and of complying with the agreement due to Haitian vulnerability.

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