Mauricio Fernandini confirms that he had a meeting with Salatiel Marrufo: "I only did my cousin sister a favor"

Mauricio Fernandini confirms that he had a meeting with Salatiel Marrufo: “I only did my cousin sister a favor”

decided to tell his truth, after being accused of before the as the person who gave him a million soles on behalf of the businesswoman owner of the company Marka Group.

The journalist assured that he contacted and had a meeting with Marrufo at the request of his “first cousin”Pilar Tijero Martino. “My father was Fernandini Suazo and hers was Tijero Suazo, they were mother’s children,” he said this morning.

Fernandini stated that her cousin knows Sada Goray through her daughters. “My cousin sister’s daughter plays golf with Sada Goray’s daughter. My cousin and the businesswoman know each other from the sports practice that their daughters do, ”she added.

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Fernandini pointed out that his relative asked him to contact “new authorities” linked to the Ministry of Housing, in the month of August 2021. “My cousin told me explicitly that her friend has no contact in Housing and a businesswoman in that field wanted to connect with the Ministry of Housing”.

“The authorities that had entered Housing were from Chiclayo and it was as if I could have ties through my roots”added the communicator.

The journalist stressed that he did not know Salatiel Marrufo and Geiner Alvarado, but he has a friend who did have a relationship with them. “I know Polo Campos, whose sister is the wife of Salatiel Marrufo.”

At the request of his relative, Fernandini considered contacting the authorities of the Ministry of Housing. “I told him that I was going to contact Polo to see if it was possible for Marrufo to contact your friend.”

The communicator affirmed that he was the entity for the businesswoman, Sada Goray, to contact Salatiel Marrufm, but there was no money involved. “I have not received any penny, nor from giving that money from her to him. I did my cousin sister a favor.”

“I didn’t see anything strange”

“I didn’t see anything strange. It seems to me that my vocation of service dominates me ”, added the ex-host of ’20 Lucas’.

GrupoRPP responds to the case of Mauricio Fernandini

The RPP group, through a statement on its social networks, indicated that both the company and Mauricio Fernandini decided to suspend their contractual relationship.

“Last night we learned that the journalist and RPP Noticias collaborator Mauricio Fernandini Arbulú appears mentioned in statements by Salatiel Marrufo, former advisor to the Ministry of Housing, before the Public Ministry,” they said on Twitter.

“According to said statement, Fernandini would have given Marrufo one million soles on behalf of the businesswoman Sada Goray, as part of an alleged bribe for President Pedro Castillo and for the former Minister of Housing, Geiner Alvarado.”they explained.

“We trust that soon our colleague, with extensive experience, will be able to clarify his situation before the relevant authorities. For the sake of transparency, both Grupo RPP and Mauricio Fernandini have decided to suspend their contractual relationship with this house”ended.


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