Mantequilla pide tiempo para saldar deudas con monto acordado

Butter asks for time to settle debts with agreed amount

The lawyer Carlos Nova, legal representative of Wilkin García Peguero, announced on Tuesday that “Mantequilla” is requesting time before his complainants to “pay off the outstanding debts with the agreed amount.”

explained that his defendant returned every last peso to the investors, whose sums were doubled until last September, specifying that everything “turned against him when he wanted to be legally constituted.”

“Tomorrow I am going to explain to the judge of Permanent Attention of Monte Plata these payments that he made. It is surprising that his formula was that he allowed the money to be returned and he knows how to do it, “said the robed man while showing the defendant’s notebook.

The lawyer pointed out that García Peguero was affected by appearing in the media programs and losing his stepmother and trusted man, in the midst of a persecution.

“That situation caused him to not be able to concentrate. The only thing he asks for is a bit of waiting for the complainants to continue complying as he did with the others. I have been surprised with all the money that he was delivering, “Nova stressed.

He added that he has sufficient evidence and that he will use witnesses from the same investors to issue their statement.

“This is a case of public action and private instance, the parties immediately agree, the Public Ministry is left without a process, if the victims give it time to comply, the case remains there.
case,” he said.

Calls for butter to return to business

He pointed out that if the court imposes a lighter measure, it allows him to return to his business and it is more beneficial for the complainants, because deprived of liberty it is impossible to seek the resources to be able to comply.

“He is facing charges from six months to two years, all those millions of pesos can be lost if they don’t give him the opportunity to pay,” he said.

It is recalled that there are more than 30 complaints against Wilkin for alleged fraud and death threats.

In this sense, the Public Prosecutor’s Office asks the Permanent Court of Monte Plata to impose preventive detention as a measure of coercion, the measure of which will be announced this Wednesday.

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