Martha Moyano on Dina Boluarte: "A disqualification corresponds"

Martha Moyano on Dina Boluarte: “A disqualification corresponds”

denounced that committed a constitutional infraction when exercising the position of president of the , and that while she was a minister she signed 13 documents in her favor when the Constitution prohibits it. Today Dina Boluarte accepted that this year she signed documents on behalf of the association.

What is the process in the Subcommittee?

What corresponds is that the president brings us the admissibility report to the commission to tell her in some way and then make the qualification of the complaint, but the Permanent Commission has to authorize us, give the term that the regulations establish to initiate all the process that is citing, the relevance of evidence, hearings. Mrs. Boluarte must attend the commission to discharge her and the complainants must attend, in this case the Comptroller and Congresswoman Norma Yarrow who has endorsed the complaint and the Comptroller’s report.

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We analyze the situation of Vice President Dina Boluarte, after her constitutional complaints with Congressmen Martha Moyano and Carlos Anderson.
We have specific facts: the Comptroller’s report and the admission of the minister who signed documents. Isn’t this enough for her disqualification?

When there is a constitutional infraction as in this case we verify in article 126, of course a disqualification corresponds and that disqualification is for up to ten years and we are going to deal with that in the commission. And, indeed, when she accepts that she was in those procedures, even she has even mentioned Mayor Muñoz in municipal procedures, she is violating article 126 of the Constitution. It is what corresponds. It would be ethical for Dina Boluarte to step aside, because they are already talking about this infraction that in practice she has already accepted, she cannot lead a ministry with a constitutional infraction. Be careful, but that would not paralyze the process that is already going on in Congress. The process has to continue. If there is a level of ethics and respect for the portfolio that she represents, she should step aside.


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