María Agüero, from Peru Libre, complains again about the salary of S / 15,000 that she earns as a congressman

María Agüero, from Peru Libre, complains again about the salary of S / 15,000 that she earns as a congressman

Arequipa congresswoman María Agüero, from , was once again dissatisfied with the salary she receives for her duties as a parliamentarian. A few months ago, she also generated controversy and rejection in the population by saying that her fees were not enough because “life in Lima is expensive.”

This time, during the debate in the plenary session of Congress, the legislator from Peru Libre criticized the discounts they make to her salary. “I want to tell you, they tell us that we congressmen earn 15 thousand soles, how much do we receive? 10 thousand, how much do they discount us and where does it go? to health insurance”he expressed.

SIGHT: María Agüero, from Peru Libre, complains about her salary of S / 15,600 because “it is not enough”

However, currently, the congressmen of the Republic receive 16 salaries of 15,600 soles per year, plus extraordinary bonuses.

The first time that Agüero questioned his income was in September of last year during an interview on Radio Yaraví in Arequipa. The congresswoman made reference to the bill that seeks to reduce the salaries of public officials. “When I was a candidate, when they told me, would you be willing to lower your congressional salary? My response was: life in Lima is very expensive. If we want to do good management and represent remote places, I would tell him that the salary of a congressman, my money is going to cost me more than the salary that I receive. (…) My salary is not enough for all the work and commitment we have”, Indian.

After receiving various questions, the congresswoman decided to retract and said that her statements “were not appropriate.” Through a document published on Twitter, she stated that “they did not transmit properly” his thoughts on the subject and regretted “deeply” the discomfort they have caused.


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